Pinterest! A social media addition

We are now on pinterest! Check out our boards and follow us!

We will be adding more pictures and boards, we promise not to be boring. Aerial arts, yoga, aerial hoop, aerial silks, lyra, pole, yoga pants, leggings, apparel, crop tops, and the list goes on; these are the types of things you will see on our board. Not only will we pin our own stuff but other amazing talented individuals will be displayed.

Check out our other social media pages, facebook: BeastlyBuilt, and Instagram: BeastlyBuilt. You will love our profiles and all the great ideas we provide. Want to be featured on our instagram? hashtag or tag us in your pictures/videos and you may see yourself on our page.

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Safe flying and social media surfing!

Beastly Built Team


We love seeing our customers and fellow aerialists flying around. If you have a new combo or trick you’d like to share with us, please tag us. We are on Facebook and Instagram, don’t forget the #!
We feature many aerialists and you could be the next feature!

Happy flying!

Beastly Built photoshoot

New and Improved

We are thrilled to have our new and improved website up and running! We are currently working on some minor tweaks here and there so excuse us while we turn our website into a pleasant experience for you as our customer. We encourage you to explore our items and if you have any questions please message us.


Thank you for your patience,

Beastly Built Team

Beastly Built lyras in Action

See our lyras in use by customers.